Therapeutic applications of dance, movement and holistic consciousness.

This psychotherapeutic approach combines the creative potential of dance and movement, applied to depth therapy towards self-knowledge, evolution and change. The term “transpersonal” means “beyond” or “through” the personal and refers to the integration of the “personal” or “biographical” dimension with the experiences and events that transcend what is considered to be a limited sense of identity and that permit the experience of a higher and more significant reality which the person is part of.

Therapy is based on the connection between body, mind, emotion and spirit. It works with movement and emotion, body and its expression. This creative process in psychotherapy elevates the person from the position of “patient” to the position of “creator” of his/her reality, integrating both personal/internal and outer/external elements in a permanently mutable work of art that is life.

Therapy Modalities:

  • Individual Therapy: Brief or long term therapy depending on needs, personal situation and the issues to be approached.

  • Couple Therapy: A space to evolve in couple, towards a more communicative and fulfilling relationship or an harmonic farewell.

  • Group Therapy: A space to work in group, where personal issues are addressed through their shared dimension.

  • On-line Therapy: On-line therapy supports those who cannot or do not want to access face to face therapy, either due to impediments in travelling or because they wish to be attended in their personal space.