Addressed to

  • All whishin to participate in an evolutionary process in group
  • Those searching within the territory of dance and movement for the elements to direct all inspirations towards an optimum state of being as an integration of body, mind and emotion.
  • No previous experience in this field is required.

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Therapeutic applications of dance, movement and holistic consciousness.

A process of self-discovery centered on movement, dance and psycho-emotional liberation.

We promote the free circulation of vital energy in the body, opening the way towards the natural source of knowledge and inner balance.

In a context of trust and security we elaborate the psychological elements that emerge as part of this process and that under the transpersonal vision can have its origins in biographical elements of one´s personal story or in memories of birth, perinatal experiences, ancestral memories, transcultural realities, archetypes, the collective unconscious or cosmic/global perceptions.