Transpersonal Dance Therapy, Bioenergetics and Somatic Psychotherapy.

«Under the impulse of joy the man screamed;
the cry turned into words,
but those were not enough
and the man mouthed the words to a song.

He then moved over the song,
until he readily translated into dance the joy of life»



Towards a vibrant, harmonic and creative state of being

Dance therapy belongs to the creative arts in psychotherapy and is characterized by the use of the artistic process as a means to overcome emotional and psychosomatic conflicts. It helps to alleviate tensions, stress and anxiety in a process that seeks psychophysical mind-body integration.

Transpersonal Psychology embraces the spiritual dimension of the human being evoking the union of “psyche” with “cosmos” and integrating it in psychotherapeutic practice. The term “transpersonal” means “beyond” or “through” the personal and refers to the integration of the “personal” or “biographical” dimension with the experiences and events that transcend what is considered to be a limited sense of identity and that permit the experience of a higher and more significant reality which the person is part of.

Transpersonal dance therapy is based on the connection between body, mind, emotion and spirit. It works through movement and emotion, through the body and its expression, to develop presence, holistic consciousness and intuition. This creative process in psychotherapy elevates the person from the position of “patient” to the position of “creator” of his/her reality, integrating both personal/internal and outer/external elements in a permanently mutable work of art that is life.